Extenuating Circumstances

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Extenuating circumstances processes are to be applied through Learna Ltd via the Student Services team and ultimately approved by the university. Once they have been applied for, and the necessary, requested evidence has been provided, your application is taken to a panel at the University and is then accepted or declined.

Please see the full documentation on Extenuating Circumstances in UWTSD's Mitigating Circumstances Policy

For UWTSD, 'Extenuating Circumstances' refer to: immobilising ill health during the assessment period, bereavement of a close relative or friend during the assessment period, or other similarly profound experience or difficulty that is outside the control of the student.

Please note that: the university perceives for part-time students, pressure from employment may be considered as extenuating circumstances only where the student’s primary role is in work and the student’s study is directly secondary to the student’s work.

For instance, students may apply for the following:

Interruption of Studies

This is a formal pause in a student’s study for an extended period of time during which a student is not required to engage

with their studies. Students do not have the automatic right to interrupt their studies; a request to interrupt studies must be made to the Academic Office on the approved form (please find attached). 

The grounds on which a student can request an interruption of studies are as follows: 

  • Health or Medical;
  • Maternity, paternity or adoption leave
  • Compassionate (including bereavement and serious domestic difficulties); 
  • Financial; 
  • Exceptional Professional Commitments;
  • Opportunities that contribute to academic development; 
  • Exceptional circumstances outside the control of the student seriously compromise their ability to continue with their studies (including the impact of a situation in relation to learning differences/neurodiversity).

    Please Note: All applications must be supported by appropriate independent evidence. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Application Procedure

Things to keep in mind:

The student should discuss their intention to interrupt their studies with their Tutor and a member of the Student Services Team at Learna (often referred to as a Collaborative Partnership Institution). 
The student should complete an Interruption of Studies Form. The student must complete all relevant sections of the form and make sure that the grounds for interruption are clearly marked and that independent supporting evidence is provided.
The relevant Programme Manager must provide a statement indicating whether or not the Institute supports the request and provide details of the plans and any conditions for return to studies (which must, in the case of a student seeking to interrupt studies partway through a level of study, include a clear indication of whether any partial or full credit already gained will be carried forward or forfeited).

The completed form should be sent to the Academic Office for final consideration and determination of actual dates of interruption of studies in cases where the request is approved. Applications which are not fully completed or which are not supported by the Centre/Academic Discipline will not be approved.

The Academic Office will inform the student of the final decision by means of an Interruption of Studies Outcome.

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