Before you attempt an exam, please ensure that you are on a desktop computer and not on the Moodle app.

The examination is an online exam consisting of 30 multiple-choice questions. The requirements for answering are stated as 'single best answer'. If you are required to fill multiple fields then this would be clearly stated in the question.

The examination will be 1 hour in duration, which you must complete after beginning the exam as breaks cannot be taken. 

Due to the multiple-choice nature of the exam and how it is computerized and automated differently for each student, it is not possible to provide students with a past paper. Due to this same reason, we are also not able to provide the student’s individual answers in the exams. Please be assured, however, that the exam questions are related to the following:

  • Course content covered in the Academic Forum each week of the module from the Tutors prompts
  • Academic engagement within this component with your peers
  • Revision through extra research and wider-reading

Please Note: Should you experience any technical errors, please take a print screen immediately once an error has occurred, this needs to include a date and time-stamp to evidence the technical error. This will then be investigated by our technical team and if we unfortunately cannot find evidence of this, the answers that have been submitted will be taken as the official answers