We appreciate that there is a possibility of students being disappointed with the grade or feedback for a module from time to time, particularly if they perceive the results to not be a true reflection of their work. Please be advised that if this is the case, all students are welcome to request a review of their grades or feedback for their recent module results, providing that they have not already been through the double-marking process. 

The first point of call is to email or phone us about this so that we are able to begin the process of a grade review for you. It is beneficial to outline the module, component(s), and feedback you wish to have reviewed in your form of contact to us so that we can have as much information as possible going forward. 

This process involves the following:

  • The Student Services Team passes on information from yourself to our colleagues in the Teaching and Learning Department, who have direct contact with all tutors, and are able to source a review and further feedback.

  • If your work has not already been double-marked by an external Tutor, your request and information will be passed on to an appropriate, external Tutor.

  • Please bear in mind that there is a 20-working day turnaround period when a student wishes to have their work reviewed, so your work will be looked into and we will update you once we have further information.

  • It is important to note that whilst grades can increase, they can also stay the same, or decrease, once they have gone through the process of academic review. 

In addition, if you are wishing to appeal the results at the end of your course after it has been completed (i.e. once the results have gone through the Academic Board, you will have a very limited amount of time for this, due to the requirement of results being confirmed to provide students with an academic classification and qualification award. 

Please Note: As with the majority of academic institutions in the United Kingdom, results generally remain provisional until they have gone through the Award Board with the respective university partner, a process whereby all grades are consolidated and confirmed for award.