Cover Sheet for the Professional Project

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The cover sheet is provided by the University of South Wales and it is to be submitted as a separate Word document in the same submission area as your Dissertation.  It can be filled in either by hand and then scanned in as PDF or kept as a word document and filled in with your word processing software.  Please see below for detailed instructions on how to fill out and submit your cover sheet with your Dissertation.  

Module Code: You can find your Module Code and Title in Table 1 below.

Assignment Title and Tasks: Please write the Title that you have given your Assignment here with an overview of the tasks. 

No. of Pages: Please note the total amount of pages of your Dissertation.

Date Set: This is the same date that Module 2 began.

Submission Date: This is the date that your Dissertation is due to be submitted on Moodle. 

Lecturer: Please write the name of your current Tutor in this field. 

Word Count: Input the total number of words comprising your dissertation; from the beginning of your abstract to the end of your conclusion.

Feedback Date: Please leave this section blank. 

TABLE 1 - Information on the Module Codes and Modules Titles for Each Subject. 

Acute MedicinePE4D036Professional Project: Acute Medicine
Clinical PsychiatryPE4D038Professional Project: Clinical Psychiatry
Cosmetic MedicinePE4D034Professional Project: Cosmetic Medicine
DermatologyPE4D032Professional Project: Dermatology in Clinical Practice
DiabetesPE4D027Professional Project: Diabetes
EndocrinologyPE4D033Professional Project: Endocrinology
Expedition and Wilderness MedicinePE4D040Professional Project: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine
GastroenterologyPE4D035Professional Project: Gastroenterology
Genomic Medicine and HealthcarePE4D045Professional Project: Genomic Medicine and Healthcare
Applied Health EconomicsPE4D028Professional Project: Applied Economics for Healthcare Decision Making
Leadership in HealthcareHR4D21Professional Project: Leadership in Healthcare
Medical EducationPE4D031Professional Project: Medical Education
Obesity and Weight ManagementPE4D041Professional Project: Obesity and Weight Management
Pain ManagementPE4D029Professional Project: Pain Management
Preventative Cardiovascular MedicinePE4D024Professional Project: Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine
Public HealthPE4D043Professional Project: Public Health
Renal MedicinePE4D037Professional Project: Renal Medicine
Respiratory MedicinePE4D026Professional Project: Respiratory Medicine
RheumatologyPE4D046Professional Project: Rheumatology
Sexual and Reproductive MedicinePE4D030Professional Project: Sexual and Reproductive Medicine
Sports and Exercise MedicinePE4D039Professional Project: Sports and Exercise Medicine

Part A: Please complete Part A by putting your Student Number into this field, which should be comprised of eight digits. 

Once you have done this, you have then filled out your Dissertation Cover Sheet, as you do not need to fill out Part B. 

We hope that you have every success with submitting your Dissertation and the best of luck with your results!  If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to get in contact with your Student Support Team:

Email us:              
Phone us:                     +44 (0) 2921921312  select option 1 on the operator

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