Student Support completely appreciates the stress that is encountered when technical errors occur around submission periods. 

Please remind yourself: do not panic, these things happen! 

Should you encounter any technical errors that obstruct you from uploading an assignment or completing the examination, then please do the following:


  1. Take a print screen immediately if an error has occurred.  This needs to include a date and time-stamp to evidence the technical error.  Without evidence, the submission risks being capped at the pass-percentage for your course.

  2. Please communicate this to the Student Services Team before the deadline via email ( describing the issue and the assignment involved, with evidence attached. Please also attach in the email the work you are hoping to submit.

Please Note: This will then be quickly investigated by our technical team who will be able to validate the technical error after the evidence has been provided. Please remember that if suitable evidence is not provided, the work risks being capped at the pass-percentage for your course.

A Great Tip: Please ensure you give yourself a suitable amount of time before the deadline to upload your assignment in order to avoid potential technical errors at the last minute. If you feel as though something may take a substantial amount of time to upload, this would need to be taken into consideration.