The Induction day webinar slides and videos are available on the Instructions and Resources (IAR) page on Moodle. Please see the following links below:

Where can I find my reading list?

What is the Learna Library?

How do I accept the Turnitin License Agreement?

You are also able to find a number of useful videos during the Study Skills week at the beginning of your course (this can be found on your Moodle dashboard). This course is designed to help students whilst commencing onto the Postgraduate Diploma course. It is important to note that whilst this is an optional module to take, it is highly recommended as the skills highlighted in this course will help you achieve your best result. Please see the topics covered below: 

Day 1: Using Moodle

Day 2: Course Format and Teaching Methods

Day 3: Reflective Practice

Day 4: Levels of Evidence and How to Write Scientifically 

Day 5: Academic Best Practice

Please click here for more information on Study Skills Week.

This Study Skills course will be available throughout your course at Learna so you are able to refer back to the information provided.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact us at