You will need your group name for your Group Activity and forum.  Click on the ‘My Courses’ button and a drop-down menu will open. Select the course title or module currently relevant for you, such as 'Acute-21S-Mod6', then click on ‘Participants’. On the participants' page, you will find the members of your group and your group name which will be your Tutors name.  

Here is what you will see in the drop-down menu described above:

You will subsequently see the group list, where you can locate peers by their Group. You are also able to search for your name and/or other students or tutors, using their initials:

image 2. In the participants section of your module activity you can find your group members

You can also find your group by going to your week's Academic Forum and looking at the threads (see image 3. below).

image 3. Your group is listed in the annotated column in each thread in the Academic Forum

If you are still unable to find your group members or name then please contact your Student Services Team.