Whilst we are partnered with the educational institutions, you can request PDF documents of transcripts through ourselves, which helps towards things such as applications, proof of attendance, funding, and job prospects. There are several types of ‘confirmation letters’ you can request, and we are able to point you in the right direction if you are waiting to receive your Degree Certificate by post.

Enrolment letter of confirmation

An enrolment letter of confirmation confirms that you are a student on your chosen course with us at Diploma MSc, in partnership with your home university. The letter includes specific details of the course, such as the Level, Module Credits CPD Points, and the titles of each necessary module with the provisional grades achieved so far included.

Completion letter and Grade Transcript

Once a student has completed the course and has received their official overall grade, they are able to request a ‘letter of completion’, which will include a full grade transcript and overall grade with the date it was awarded. These can be used as evidence of a student’s overall mark prior to receiving the official certificate from your home university. 

Please contact us if you wish to request transcripts at: support@diploma-msc.com