Turnitin is a plagiarism detector used widely throughout UK universities.  Turnitin compares work submitted against its comprehensive database to identify acts of plagiarism.  This system is embedded into our Moodle platform in order to ensure that all work is authentic and adheres to our academic expectations of originality, is correctly referenced, and is deemed as clinically rich work. 

Please ensure you accept the Turnitin Terms & Conditions, so that you are able to use Turnitin throughout your course. It is compulsory to accept this user agreement, which must be done on the full website on a laptop or desktop and not on the Moodle App on a mobile or tablet device. You will find the user agreement when you make your first post on an Academic Forum discussion. 

We have a lot of information for students in our Study Skills section, Day 5 - Academic Best Practice, on Moodle.  This has guidance and videos to help with Turnitin and also help with how to reference your work.

Please Note: There isn't a set percentage that is acceptable. Please note that Turnitin may sometimes also recognise your referencing as copied and pasted, however, if the referencing is done correctly you will not be marked down for it.