How Do I Enrol With the University of South Wales?

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It is imperative that you enrol with the University as soon as possible upon receiving your student ID number, so that you can access the university library and graduate. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS ACCESSING MOODLE.

Please note: If you have logged onto a Microsoft account, such as an NHS login, on your device, you may be unable to access the enrolment pages on this device as it has 'cookies' saved which will try to log you into this email address. You must open an incognito window or use a different device to do so. We recommend enrolling on a laptop or computer but having your phone nearby for your verification in Step 1.

Enrolment should take around 15 minutes.

You must complete both steps of the process. To check if you are enrolled, contact Student Services. If you receive a message from Student Services that you are not enrolled, this does apply to you and you must complete your enrolment in order to graduate.

The enrolment process can be completed by following the steps below.

Step 1: Create an IT Account with USW

Click here to Activate Your Account

You will need to use your email address and temporary password provided in your enrolment email.

Email Address: [eight-digit student ID number]

Password: ([7-digit temp password] followed by your Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format, such as WEME18&29121969)

If you have lost your student ID or temporary password, please contact Student Services to request a reminder. They will be able to provide you with your student email address and temporary password.


Once you have completed Step 1, you must also complete Step 2 or you are not enrolled. 

Step 2: Enrol on the USW Platform

Enrol here.

Your eight-digit student ID number (e.g. 12345678) is your 'Username'. Do not use the "" email address at this stage.

You will use the new password you established in Step 1.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your enrolment. You must continue to click 'Next' until the end, as if you select 'Save and Exit' or quit the window partway through, you will not have completed your enrolment. If you are unsure if it has gone through, please contact Student Services for assistance (


Step 1 says I do not have an account:

  • Are you using the correct email address? Do NOT use your personal email address. You must use your university email address, e.g.
  • Are you using the full email address? In Step 1, you need to use the FULL email address in the previous bullet point, not just the 8-digit student ID number

When I click on Step 1, it logs me into my NHS/work account:

  • You will need to access the enrolment process on a device that does not have 'cookies' saved on it for Microsoft. This means you can open an incognito window, or use a different browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox) or device (e.g. iPad, laptop)

Step 1 says "incorrect password":

  • Are you using the correct email address? Please see above
  • Are you using the temporary password as specified in your enrolment email? It will be six letters or numbers, followed by one piece of punctuation, followed by your date of birth in DDMMYYYY format, e.g. WEME18&29121969
  • Are you copying the password across? We advise doing this rather than copying it out by hand as this avoids potential confusion such as between a capital i vs lowercase L, or by mistyping
  • Have you already completed Step 1 in the past and changed the password? Try a password you might have set it to, or see the password reset links below

Step 2 says I do not have an account:

  • Are you using your student ID? Do NOT use your personal email address OR your full email address here. You must use your 8-digit student ID number, e.g. 12345678

Step 2 says "incorrect password":

  • Did you change your password in Step 1? If so, use the password you changed it to. If you have forgotten this, please see the password reset links below

Password reset links aren't working:

  • It is likely that you have not completed Step 1 yet. Try Step 1 again with your temporary password

Which modules do I select? I can't get the module credits to add up:

  • Please ONLY select the appropriate modules for your programme and year. E.g. if you are in the first year of a two-year MSc, ONLY select the modules which you take in the first year. Do NOT select any modules such as Critical Appraisal and Research Methodologies or Professional Project if you are on the PgDip year, as these are second-year MSc modules
  • If you are re-enrolling for the second year of your MSc, ONLY select the MSc modules (Critical Appraisal and Research Methodologies and Professional Project)
  • If you are unsure which modules to select or believe you have selected the wrong ones, please contact Student Services and we will be able to assist further

Do I need to upload a photo?:

  • The University of South Wales will ask you to upload a passport photo during enrolment. You must upload something here but it does not need to be a passport photo. Please note that if you request a physical student ID card from the university, this photo will be on it

I believe I have enrolled but Student Services at Learna says I am not:

  • Please ensure you are completing BOTH steps. You will know you are doing the correct process if you have selected your modules, uploaded a photo, and completed around five further pages of personal information. If you are confused, please contact Student Services
  • You must re-enrol if you are completing the second year of your MSc, are resitting any modules, or are returning following a suspension or non-submission

Password Reset Links:

These will ONLY work if you have already completed Step 1. Otherwise, your temporary password will work.

You can change the password on your USW account at this link.
Your password:
  • Must be between 12 to 30 characters long
  • Must contain upper and lowercase letters and at least one numeric character
  • Must NOT be a recent university account password
For example: NickName1234!
If you are unable to reset your password with the above link, you will need to fill out this form to request a manual password reset from the USW IT team.

Further Problems:

If you are still having issues with your enrolment, please contact Student Services and we will be able to assist. You can email us at - we may ask you to send a screenshot of the error you are encountering, or book an appointment to talk through the process with a member of our team.

You can also contact the University of South Wales for assistance.

Contact Glyntaff Enrolment Team on +44 (0) 1443 483 348 press 1 for the English Language and 1 again to reach the enrolment staff 

If you are having further problems then the USW do have an IT helpline.  They will talk you through the process.  
The University’s technical team are often in the best position to resolve your query. Please phone them or follow the link (below):


USW IT Support:

USW IT Helpline: 

+44(0) 1443 482882

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