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To access your Moodle preferences navigate to your avatar icon in the top right-hand corner of any Moodle webpage and click to reveal the drop-down menu (image 1.)

image 1. Flip-down menu

In this menu, select the preferences link next to the spanner icon.  This will take you to the preference section of your Moodle Profile page (image 2. below).

image 2. Preference options

In your preferences section, you can access your Edit Profile page (read more about editing your profile here) but you are also able to specify what notifications you are happy to receive. 

Forum Preferences

For example, in 'Forum Preferences' you can select how you wish to receive email notifications regarding your peers and tutor posts in any forums you are subscribed to:

No Digest - You will receive an email for each new forum post

Digest - complete posts - one email (sent daily) containing the entire content of any new posts

Digest - Subject only - one email (sent daily) with subject headings of new posts only

You also have the option to auto-subscribe ('Forum auto-subscribe') whenever you post to a forum.  This means that any weeks you did not post you will not receive notifications from those forums.  If you are not auto-subscribed then it means you will not receive any email notifications letting you know that your Tutor has posted a scenario or a peer has responded, if this is your desired setting, then you are wholly responsible for keeping up to date with your course by manually checking the Academic Forums.

The 'Use experimental nested discussion view ' means that replies are displayed indented from the main question.   This can cause text formatting issues when confronted with numerous responses, so the recommended setting is 'no'.

With Forum Tracking, you can decide if you wish to be alerted of unread posts.  This alert will appear as a yellow text box next to the forum titles with a pink number totalling how many posts you have not yet viewed.

Message Preferences

When you click into Message Preferences a side menu appears.  You can specify who can Moodle message you (read more about privately contacting someone here).  The recommended is to click on the dot next to 'Anyone on the Site'.  This is because your Tutor and Group members may try to contact you using this service which could be important for your coursework.  In addition, your Student Services team will send you important notifications throughout the duration of your studies using the Moodle Messaging Service.

If you find that the Moodle notifications are coming through to your email inbox and you do not wish them to, then you can disable this function by moving the slider left under 'Notification preferences' (see image 3. below).

Notification Preferences

This section of preferences holds a vast array of notification settings which have been set to provide you with the optimal notifications to keep you up to date with all the events on your course.  If you find that you are receiving too many emails and you do not require them please do act with caution when deselecting/unsubscribing from email as important information about your course might not be communicated to you efficiently. If you have any questions or specifications please do get in touch with your Student Support team for further guidance.

Calander Preferences

You are able to set preferences for your Moodle calendar here in Preferences, such as your time display, the weekday you would like displayed as the first day of the week, and how far in advance you wish to view events.

Change password

You can click on 'Change Password' on your preference settings to manually change your Moodle password.  If you have forgotten your Moodle Password, please click here for further information.

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