Please see below a list of course-specific codes and titles for your Professional Project Dissertation

               COURSE SUBJECT                      MODULE CODE                                     MODULE TITLE 
Health EconomicsPE4D028Professional Project: Applied Economics for Healthcare Decision Making
DiabetesPE4D027Professional Project: Diabetes
RheumatologyPE4D025Professional Project: Rheumatology
Endocrinology PE4D033Professional Project: Endocrinology
Sports and Exercise Medicine PE4D039Professional Project: Sports and Exercise Medicine
Obesity and Weight ManagementPE4D041Professional Project: Obesity and Weight Management
Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine PE4D042Professional Project: Preventative Cardiovascular Medicine
Respiratory PE4D026Professional Project: Respiratory Medicine
DermatologyPE4D032Professional Project: Dermatology in Clinical Practice
Pain Management PE4D029Professional Project: Pain Management
Sexual and Reproductive Medicine PE4D030Professional Project: Sexual and Reproductive Medicine 
Gastroenterology PE4D035Professional Project: Gastroenterology
Medical EducationPE4D031Professional Project: Medical Education
Cosmetic MedicinePE4D034Professional Project: Cosmetic Medicine
Acute MedicinePE4D036Professional Project: Acute Medicine
Renal MedicinePE4D037Professional Project: Renal Medicine
Clinical Psychiatry PE4D038Professional Project: Clinical Psychiatry
Leadership in Healthcare HR4D21
Professional Project: Leadership in Healthcare