The University of South Wales IT Support Team is an important point of contact for several reasons, such as those of the below:

  • Assisting with password-resets, whereby they can provide temporary passwords for direct access
  • Help with the enrolment process at the start of the course, and liaising with the enrolment team to 'unblock' student accounts as necessary
  • If you are struggling to access
  • Providing you with your student number and/or student email address as necessary
  • All queries if you are struggling to access USW platforms, such as The Advice Zone, USW FindIT Library, for example.

Whilst we are able to assist you with the majority of queries, there are some (such as the above) that the USW IT Support Team will be in a better position to help with, as we do not have direct access to their platforms from an administrative perspective. 

However, should you feel as though you need to contact them, we are able to provide the contact details below:


USW IT Support: 

USW IT Helpline: +44(0) 1443 482882 press 1 for the English language