If you are having trouble accessing any of your module content, reading lists, or are obstructed from further research, please get in touch with a member of the University library staff. The University Library offers a 24-hr chat facility of support - this is live chat with the staff who will do all they can to assist you and you are also able to book an appointment with a Librarian. 

Please use the links below to do this:

Book a librarian (Monday - Friday 08:30-16:30) : https://library.southwales.ac.uk/contact-us/faculty-librarians/

24/7 Live Chat: https://library.southwales.ac.uk/contact-us/chat-single/ 

University of South Wales Library Staff Member will chat with you instantly online. If you use the 24 hr chat outside of these hours then a Librarian from an alternative University will be available to chat with you.

Below are some essential links to help get you started with the library:


USW Library Home Page: 


Help Getting Started: 


Distance Learner Resources: